Benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP)
Enhances Food Safety
Maintains freshness / clean label
HPP only uses water that does not include chemicals or create thermal heat. The natural fresh taste and flavours are maintained whilst extending the shelf life of your product. The use of HPP has allowed many companies to remove preservatives and reduce sodium levels. HPP can even improve product consistency such that gums and binders could be removed from the ingredients.
Protects brand equity
Removing preservatives is not only better for your customer but also better for your business as preservatives do not kill bacteria but rather only prevent them from growing. The unfortunate part of that is once Listeria is in your product it doesn’t take much to make someone sick and it only takes one cell to be detected by an inspector to recall your product. Recalls are hard to survive financially and even more difficult for the customer to trust the brand again. HPP is lethal to bacteria such that you can feel confident in the products that leave your doors and enter the homes of consumers are safe.
Longer shelf life
HPP extends the shelf life from 2-10 times longer. Longer shelf life implies less waste and less waste is better for the environment and your bottom line. You can save money by wasting less, boost sales through product on the shelves longer and less shrink for the retailer, larger production batches can be made less often and the distribution areas can be increased.
Natural taste
HPP showcases Mother Nature at it's finest in that how the product tastes going in is how it tastes after the cold water pressure is applied. Green juice never had it so good because it has the taste and nutrition of the 'raw' version but with all the safety of the pasteurized version. No heat or chemicals to change the taste or add something Mother Nature did not intend.
Retain Nutritional Value
We all know that heat destroys nutrients and over cooking can ruin the taste and texture of foods. Pasteurization, being a thermal method of shelf-life extension, can cause both of these results where beverages have no nutritional value and taste like cooked fruit soup. Whether you make straight orange juice or green juice, with HPP both will still offer superior taste and nutrition to a pasteurized version.
Enhances food safety
HPP destroys pathogens (Listeria, Salmonella, Vibrio, Norovirus, etc.) and eliminates the need for preservatives. HPP applies cold water pressure to products in their final sealed packaging thus eliminating contamination after processing. This in-package shelf-life extension provides restaurants and food service the reassurance that every package that comes into the building is one free of harmful bacteria. This not only provides the company with 100% confidence in the safety of the incoming food but also reduces the risk of the food bringing in bacteria which could cause contamination and the HPP packages can be ruled out as a source of contamination.
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